This bear sleeping bag is totally next level

Is it just me, or is the cold weather making it *really* hard to get out of bed? Like, really, who can get up and face the real world when your bed is just SO WARM? Why can’t humans hibernate like bears? Well, thanks to the invention of artist Eiko Ishizawa, you totally can. . . via a bear sleeping bag.

Yep, a bear sleeping bag totally exists, and it’s pretty next-level for those who are serious about their sleep. The bag, aptly called “The Great Sleeping Bear,” first surfaced on the Internet in 2009, and in 2013, Ishizawa wrote that she would start selling a limited number of the handmade bear sleeping bags the next year. However, this year, the bags have blown up on the Internet, probably because it’s getting cold, and who doesn’t want to be surrounded by a fluffy bear when it’s cold?

Before it was a sleeping bag, The Great Sleeping Bear was a sculpture, released in 2007 after Ishizawa heard news of a Bavarian bear in 2006 that had escaped from the Italian side of the alps to the Bavarian side, according to the artist’s website:

A much deeper meaning ours, which is pretty much “OOOOH A COMFY SLEEPING BAG THAT LOOKS LIKE A BEAR.” Awesome, though, right? If you want one, you’ll have to bear the cost, because it’s pretty steep: $2,350. If you buy it, you’ll prove you’re *really* committed to getting that hibernation time.

(Images via Twitter.)

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