The Internet can’t decide if this is a bear or a dog

ICYMI, over the New Year’s holiday weekend, Instagram user Rachel Zarrell posted the following photo along with the hilarious caption, “what in the living hell is this creature.” Then the Internet basically exploded. As it is wont to do.

We have to admit that we’re a little baffled. And we’re not the only ones. The comments came rolling right in. From @sbenanty’s “Omg wtf is that” to @travelingbarracuda’s amazingly perfect “the mythical bog creature thing comes to life!!! Lol,” IG users seemed just as clueless as the rest of us. (Although TBH we’re totally rooting for the bog theory.) Rachel also posted the pic to Twitter, where confusion also reigned.

  Although our favorite response was this one. Cuddles are always a good idea.

After doing some digging, Rachel discovered the source of the photo as Reddit user TheRedFoxx. This didn’t solve the mystery of what we were looking at, however, as the pic was captioned, “Somebody brought this bear into doggy daycare.” A BEAR? In DOGGY daycare? Seems like a bad plan, no?

Just this morning though, Rachel posted an update.

So what’s the scoop? Is it a raccoon? Baby ewok? Tasmanian devil?

Rest assured, it’s an actual dog. On Buzzfeed, Rachel wrote, “Very important bear/dog update: the creature is apparently a Nashville-based dog named Bounce, owner Caleb Winters said. The photo was taken at boarder The Dog Spot, according to owner Chad Baker.”

Okay, then. MYSTERY SOLVED. We’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that such a super cute doggy exists in the world. (And that name…Bounce! So adorbs.) But we’re still holding out for the day when bogs roam the streets along with unicorns. We just can’t help it.

[Image via Instagram.]

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