Bear just wants some pizza. We feel you, bear.

A cute bear cub made her way into a Colorado Springs pizzeria on Monday, hoping to get her paws on a slice or two.

The Colorado Springs police department said on their Facebook page that the hungry critter was first seen near a local high school and broke into Louie’s Pizza shortly thereafter. Maybe, like most teenagers, she prefers some cheesy, delicious carbs to spending the day at school?

We get it. Sometimes, the need for pizza conquers all.

According to the Colorado Gazette, the bear made her way into the restaurant’s supply room and nestled in behind some empty pizza boxes for a bear nap. She was spotted there by employees of the pizzeria who she, most definitely, scared the beejezus out of.

The cub was later taken to an animal sanctuary to be treated because she needed a little TLC(!) she had a paw injury and appeared malnourished. When they get her weight up she’ll be rereleased into the wild.

As for us, we hope next time she makes a foray into human food, she’ll pull a Yogi Bear and just steal a picnic basket or three.

Thanks for visiting bear cub! And get better soon!

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[Images via Twitter and Facebook]