Whoa. This man found a BEAR in the passenger seat of his pick-up.

In what basically feels like a scene from Yogi Bear, Atlanta 11Alive reports that Georgia resident Gilbert Simpson got the surprise of his life when he discovered a black bear in the passenger seat of his parked pick-up work truck.

Here’s how it went down. Simpson was walking out to his work truck when he saw the black bear climb into his truck, where she proceeded to drink all the grape sodas in the vehicle. Because there were, apparently, multiple grape sodas in this vehicle. And the bear drank them ALL. Seriously, just get this bear a lime-green pork-pie hat and you’ve got yourself a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

So, because you DON’T mess with a bear under any circumstances (bear safety is no joke, yo), Simpson was forced to just stand there and watch as the mama bear entered and exited the vehicle several times, transporting his and his crew’s lunch to her hungry cubs. Fortunately, there was no damage done to the vehicle. Unfortunately, by the time this bear was through with her work, there was no, you know, food left. Which is a bummer for sure. On the bright side, Simpson did manage to get some snaps of the whole thing. We hope he has an Instagram, that ish is getting SO many likes. Check it, below.


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Images via Hanna-Barbera and Twitter