This bear is living his best life, chilling in a stranger’s backyard

Humans aren’t the only ones who can get into the autumnal spirit. We’re guessing that’s the case, anyway, after yesterday, when a black bear went roaming through a residential Massachusetts neighborhood, chowing down on pumpkins and jack o’lanterns. According to police, people spotted the bear around 8:15 in the morning “wandering around and eating pumpkins.” Because if you’re a bear and everyone decides to leave a bunch of tasty treats on their front porches, why not?

The bear’s stomping grounds were West Springfield, which is close to Robinson State Park in Agawam, home to plenty of black bears. In fact, there are about 4,500 black bears throughout the state. So, um, locals might want to be a little more careful about pumpkins on porches. State wildlife biologist Laura Conlee told it’s not that uncommon to see bears noshing on pumpkins this time of year. “It’s a potential food source. A lot of pumpkins are very sweet smelling.”

So what exactly does a bear do once his tummy is full of sweet, yummy pumpkins? He goes for a roll in the hay. Literally.

About four hours after the pumpkin binge, Mr. Bear decided to chill out for a while in a random backyard, where he rolled around with a bale of hay and generally had an awesome time.

The bear eventually wandered away on his own. But not before Kimberly Perron-Burke watched from inside her house (and snapped pics and a video, because obviously) as he gnawed on her grandson’s plastic kiddie pool and even tossed a rubber ball around. Then he found the hay, and everything was adorable forever.

Fall, you guys. We all love it so much, amirite?


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(Image via Twitter. Video via YouTube.)