Beanie Feldstein wants in on Greta Gerwig’s next movie — just because she’s in love with Greta’s parents

Last week, Greta Gerwig told Barry Jenkins that she wants to make a Sacramento film quartet — and when she gets started on the second installment, she’ll have at least one Lady Bird cast member ready to join her. Lady Bird writer-director Gerwig may have come up short at the Oscars, but win or lose, fans are definitely eagerly waiting to see what she’s up to next.

Among those fans is Lady Bird star Beanie Feldstein, who was truly one of the breakout stars in one of the most spectacular casts of the last year. The actress  is already working on her campaign to appear in Gerwig’s Sacramento sequels, if only to spend more time with Gerwig’s parents.

"Well I'm campaigning to be in [Greta's new movies] for two reasons. One, I think Greta's a genius and anything that she touches is gold, and I would be honored to work with her again," Feldstein recently told HelloGiggles over the phone. "And it would make my whole life. And two, is that I am madly in love with Greta's parents, and they live in Sacramento. So if she made another movie about Sacramento, I think they would be around and that would make me so happy."

Feldstein isn’t exaggerating when professing her love for the writer-director. While the behind-the-scenes videos and photos of Gerwig directing the film alone make the filming of Lady Bird seem like pure joy, Feldstein revealed that Gerwig truly set the tone for a positive, welcoming environment.


The actress revealed that Gerwig banned the use of cell phones on set, creating the space for the cast and crew to really get to know each other, adding that every day, Gerwig had everyone on set, including herself, wear a name tag with the answer to a question of the day on the bottom.

But Feldstein added that the true magic of working with Gerwig was just how present she was throughout the whole experience.

"I just think that on an emotional level, she was just so present with us and the things we were doing every minute of every day. Like, hysterically laughing behind the monitor and times where we would see her getting emotional, and it was just so special to see the person that wrote this and is bringing it to life so present in what we were doing. We could feel that we doing something right, it was resonating with her."

Gerwig’s directorial debut not only earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay but also saw her nominated for Best Director — making her the fifth woman to ever be nominated for the award. While being a part of Lady Bird was an incredible, life-changing experience for Feldstein, she expressed sincere admiration for Gerwig, adding that she’s “in awe” of the writer-director. Feldstein said, “I think it’s a really special time, and I think we can really sort of feel things shifting, and I’m just in awe of Greta. It makes me so emotional to think of all the women that are gonna tell their stories, because she was able to tell hers.”

Lady Bird is now out on digital download, DVD, and Blu-Ray!

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