Beach day, but make it spooky

Happy Wednesday — it’s another Wednesday Cute! 

Hopefully, you protected your eyes during that solar eclipse so you can see the cuteness that is this week’s post. Idk about you, but I always tend to associate September with all things fall. Then I step outside and it’s still 86 degrees and I am melting and I try to keep my cardigan on, but it’s just not going to happen.

Technically, the first day of fall isn’t until SEPTEMBER 22nd — we’ve still got a month, y’all.

At the same time, Halloween is barely two months away, and that’s also crazy.


This post goes out to all my friends who are soaking up the summer for all that it’s worth, but still dreaming of Halloween costumes, sweaters, candy corn (controversial, but essential), and warm drinks. We’re almost there. I’m excited to see your fall outfits. ?