This BB-8 car charger is the co-pilot you’ve been looking for

Retrieving the map to Luke Skywalker can be hard, so it’s best to take a trusty buddy, like BB-8. Driving through rush hour traffic can also be hard, so it’s best to have a trusty buddy for that, too. Amazingly, that can also be BB-8, thanks to the great minds over at ThinkGeek.

If your dream has been to own a little BB-8 of your own, and also have it charge your phone, all of that is about to become a reality. ThinkGeek has released a BB-8 car charger that yes, charges your phone when you’re low on battery after spending so much time wandering around the desserts of Jakku. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, this BB-8 phone charger beeps and boops, as all BB-8s should.

The little guy fits right into one of your cupholders, and then plugs into the 12V vehicle power adapter. It comes with not one, but two charging ports, in case you’ve got a third copilot in the back seat, and everyone is running on battery fumes. And still, can’t get over the beeping. So, if talking to inanimate droids is your thing, you can really yell at it, “HOLD ON BB-8” while going around tight curves on the highway.

Since this is obviously something you’ve got to have yourself, the BB-8 char charger is available for pre-order right now. It retails for 60 portions $35.99 and will ship out in April 2016.

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