BB-8 joined Reggie Watts on “The Late Late Show” for a song

Reggie Watts is an insanely talented musician, which is why he lands such amazing gigs like bandleader for The Late Late Show. He’s so talented that we’ve always wondered what inspires him to keep making such incredible music and on Tuesday night he finally let us know.

Reggie welcomed Star Wars‘ BB-8 to the show, and together they improvised this song:

“This muse is the inspiration for almost all of my music,” Reggie explained to James before calling BB-8 to the set. “Everything after age 13.”

Naturally, James was curious to meet such an iconic influence, and when BB-8 rolled out onto the stage, he was just as excited as we were.

Their song was unsurprisingly perfect. Reggie used beatboxing and a variety of other robotic-themed sounds to create an ambient melody, and at one point, BB-8 himself contributed some beeps and bleeps to make the song truly unforgettable.

This might just be the launch of BB-8’s music career and we totally support it.

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