“Baywatch’s” Kelly Rohrbach says she isn’t interested in playing the “hot girl”

The up-and-coming Kelly Rohrbach takes center stage on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s June 2017 issue. She currently stars as C.J. Parker in Baywatch, set to be released later this month. Even though she’s sporting the iconic red swimsuit in her current role, Kelly Rohrbach is not interested in playing the “hot girl.”

In her interview with Cosmopolitan, Rohrbach revealed that she urged Baywatch director, Seth Gordon, to rewrite the part of C.J. Rohrbach stated,

"I wasn’t interested in playing the hot-girl role. I didn’t want her to be an object but rather a dynamic, real person."

The Baywatch babes from the David Hasselhoff-lead television show were known for their stunning good looks and slow motion running. In fact, C.J. Parker was originally played by the beach-blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson. And we’d be lying if we said that the female characters of the original Baywatch were remembered for their brains and not their bodies.

Judging by the 2017 Baywatch trailer, Rohrbach’s rendition of C.J. outwardly stays true to Anderson’s original version. But we’re excited to see more of C.J.’s character come through via Rohrbach’s portrayal.


She also notes that — when it comes to dating — personality is definitely her top priority. “Originally, my romantic interest, played by Jon Bass, is a Jonah Hill type,” she said. “It was written that he had a big crush on [C.J.] and she’s kind of a bitch to him. I kept thinking, I would love this guy. I would hook up with him. He’s the funniest character, and to me, humor is the sexiest thing.”

We have a feeling that Rohrbach will do an excellent job of making C.J. a down-to-earth character, because Rohrbach herself is exactly that. She said that her siblings often kept her in check, especially when she began modeling. She said,

"My siblings would tease me and call me big friendly or freaky giant, and later, when I was approached about modeling, they would joke, ‘The BFG is gonna be a model? That clunky thing?' They know how to keep me in check all right."

We can’t wait to see what Rohrbach does with her Baywatch character. We have a feeling she’ll be bringing a lot to the franchise.


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