Battling period-related acne? These Korean skin care products could be your new BFF

If you haven’t already hopped on the Korean beauty product train and you suffer from period-related acne, here’s a line of skin care products that might convince you to give this trend a try.

Korean beauty products have been all the rage in the U.S. since about 2011, when BB creams first hit the market and changed our skin care regimens overnight. Now, for the first time ever, a line of fermented vinegar-based products has arrived in the U.S. for a limited time, and it promises to rescue the visage of every woman valiantly battling monthly hormonal acne.

Called 107 — or ONEOSEVEN — the three-product line is available now at Nordstrom until March 26th, and we’re ready to dive in face first.

First, there’s a serum that promises to brighten and tighten pores.


Get it here for $73.

There’s also another serum, which promises anti-aging and skin-plumping magic.


Get it here for $64.

And, finally, this moisturizing miracle:


Get it here for $52.

The brand was founded by the son of a “vinegar master” who noted the positive effect of fermented vinegar on troubled skin. All of the products in the line — and there are many more on 107’s website — contain vinegar rich in amino acids, along with natural herbs and other ingredients.

According to a rep for the company, the products are formulated for women who go through hormonal changes about five days before their periods and experience breakouts. “The calming products help your skin to cope with the effects of monthly hormonal changes, such as excess sebum and oil, breakouts, and blemishes.” she said. “They sooth, calm, and balance the skin with vinegar, tea tree oil, rice ferment extract, aloe extract, witch hazel extract, and blends of herbs.”

If past experiences with K-beauty are to be believed, then these products could be a real game-changer. Because as every woman with hormonal acne knows, monthly breakouts suck.