Emma Stone was so dedicated to her role as Billie Jean King in “Battle of the Sexes” that she did push-ups in between takes

We were fully aware that Emma Stone got buff to play tennis pro and social activist Billie Jean King for Battle of the Sexes, a film that centers on the 1973 woman vs. man-type match between King and Bobby Riggs. What we didn’t know is exactly how Stone got so ripped.

Well, Stone’s Battle of the Sexes co-star Natalie Morales just provided some pretty hilarious insight.

Morales plays Rosie Casals in the film, King’s fellow tennis player and activist who was a commentator during the infamous match. As Morales recalled to HelloGiggles, Stone’s muscles were a big part of what made the Oscar-winning actress so believable as King.

"I remember when they said [Emma would be] playing Billie Jean King," Morales began. "I was like, 'How? In what world does she look like Billie Jean King in any way, or is that sort of physicality?' Then, when I saw her on set, literally they just dyed her hair brown and she put on glasses, and I'm like, 'Oh my God, you're her,' and she had these biceps...You're just like, 'Whoa.'"

Whoa, indeed.


Morales went on to say that a lot of laughs were shared on the Battle of the Sexes set.

And Stone would participate in all of that — while doing push-ups simultaneously.

"If you're on any set with Sarah Silverman or Steve Carell, you're going to be laughing," Morales said. "You call 'cut,' you joke around, you talk, and Emma would be a part of that, but be doing push-ups the entire time during every cut scene. Just wait until they would say action again and then she'd get up."

Not only that, but Stone put a huge emphasis on precision, so she basically choreographed King’s tennis moves to get them down just right.

"She had just come off of La La Land, and we were talking about how to get Billie Jean's moves right because Billie Jean played tennis really differently," Morales detailed. "She was really aggressive and had these specific quirks to her and Emma really wanted to get that right, so she choreographed it."

Morales added, “She watched Billie Jean’s performance and learned her moves like a dance, and then would basically dance with a tennis ball. That’s how she did it. It’s really awesome to see because I see all her work, but it just looks like Billie Jean. Emma deserves everything good that’s coming to her.”

See Stone’s sick tennis moves — and equally awesome biceps — when Battle of the Sexes lands in theaters on September 22nd.

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