The ridiculous amount of money and people it took to film “Battle of the Bastards”

Exactly how many men does Jon Snow need for the Battle of the Bastards? A lot more than just Lyanna Mormont’s 62 men from Bear Island. Actually, he’s going to need about 500 more men than that if he wants to defeat Ramsay Bolton once and for all.

These numbers are just for the battle we’re going to see on the screen. What about everything happening behind the scenes? Entertainment Weekly broke everything, number for number, for the next Game of Thrones episode, “Battle of the Bastards,” on Sunday. Supposedly, it’s the biggest Game of Thrones episode, ever (it was also the only episode Game of Thrones submitted for Emmy consideration, in the writing category, so you KNOW it’s gonna be good).

Battle of the Bastards by the numbers:

2 Bastards

That’s Jon and Ramsay, OBVIOUSLY.

500 Extras

Game of Thrones could have easily just CGI’ed a bunch of men into each army. Or, they could actually go out and hire 500 brave warriors to fight for the North. Entertainment Weekly notes that, “visual effects were then used to expand the armies into the thousands.” But still. That’s a lot of extras.

600 Crew Members

There was basically a crew member for every single extra, and then some. Are there even 600 people listed on the Game of Thrones IMDB page??

70 horses

Already so worried about these horses in the battle. Protect them all, Jon Snow.

25 stunt men and women

Super pumped to see men and WOMEN listed here, which hopefully means that Brienne rides into town just in time to majorly kick some Bolton butt.

4 camera crews

Usually there’s one camera crew…maybe two if the scene is intense. For the Battle of the Bastards, there were FOUR. Two for each House?

A 25-day shooting schedule

25 days is a long time to film a battle sequence. Some full-length movies take less time to shoot!

One kazillion dollars

JK, not really. But maybe. Game of Thrones is very expensive to make, and each episode costs roughly $10 million dollars. Not a typo. And that’s just a regular episode, like “No One” or “The Broken Man.” With the Battle of the Bastards being toted as the most intricate, and expansive, Game of Thrones episode to date, the number is probably well above A$20 million. Maybe even higher.

A kazillion and one tears and tissues

Just bracing ourselves for whoever doesn’t make it out of the battle!!

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