A “Batman v. Superman”/”Star Wars” crossover now exists, and we’re totally cool with it

ICMYI, the origin stories of Superman and Luke Skywalker are pretty similar. For one, both are sent away from their homes and towards safety as infants. For another, grow up on farms, but leave in order to really exercise their full potential. Finally, have to use their powers to battle extreme darkness. Considering all this, Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman/ Star Wars trailer makes perfect sense. And, TBH, it’s a crossover we’re totally digging.

Busy at work filming the highly anticipated Justice League film, director Zack Snyder took out some time to make the trailer for the battle between the Dark Side Knight and the Super Jedi. An IRL crossover of Star Wars and DC Comics characters probably won’t happen. (Though, because Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilm, an Avengers/ Star Wars crossover theoretically could.) Still, we can watch Synder’s trailer and dream.

Director J.J. Abrams’ own crossover definitely inspired Snyder’s. Entitled “Hunka Junk” the video melds the Millennium Falcon with the Batmobile. It’s short, but extremely fun. (It also creates what would be the coolest spaceship/ vehicle in existence.)


Snyder’s own crossover takes things a bit further. He uses the trailer for his own film, Batman V. Superman. He then alters it to include Stormtroopers, light sabers, and even Rebel Alliance graffiti. Superman becomes “Superjedi” while Batman, a.k.a. The Dark Knight, becomes “Dark Side Knight.” To be totally honest, it looks like a really cool movie.

Wrote Snyder, “In anticipation of Rogue One, I wanted to share a little Star Wars fan film I made after JJ released his Hunka Junk mash-up…long overdue.


We’re kind of shocked at how amazing the Batman V. Superman/Star Wars crossover looks. If it were happening IRL, we’d totally go see it. Instead, we’ll use that fan energy toward the Justice League film (Though we’ll keep the hope for an Avengers/Star Wars crossover alive, just in case).

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