This Batman parody of 1D’s “Night Changes” video is equal parts creepy and awesome

From the same fandom-loving team that brought us the Harry Potter “Dark Lord Funk” set to “Upton Funk,” now we’ve got “Dark Knight Changes,” which is obviously set to One Direction’s “Night Changes.” We love One Direction. We love Batman. So, it’s about time these two merged together to create the ultimate 1D-Dark Knight parody, right? Feels like we’ve been waiting for something to bring Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Bruce Wayne together.

YouTube user KFaceTV jokes around with the idea that Batman is constantly changing. Not like a change in his wardrobe or a new haircut, but Batman is literally changing every time someone re-boots and re-imagines what’s happening in Gotham. They’ve got a good point. They even sing about it, crooning, “Does it ever drive you crazy / Just how fast the Dark Knight changes.” Now that you mention it, yeah, it kinda does.

Replacing the guys of 1D, we’ve got our favorite Batman villains. From super creepy looking Two-Face, to The Penguin, and even Bane, they sing to an unamused Batman (sort of like how 1D sings their “Night Changes” to an un-seen date). The lyrics are also super specific to the Batman world, poking fun at everything from George Clooney’s nipple-suit to the upcoming Batman vs. Superman.

But it might hit a little too close to home at the very end, though, when one villain decides it’s time to take his career solo. Check out the whole video below, and accept that you’ll never be able to listen to “Night Changes” the same way again.

(Image via YouTube.)

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