Rihanna is making “Bathleisure” a thing, so grab your towel and work it

As the temperatures drop steadily and the nights grow longer, there’s nothing we want more than to cuddle up in a bathrobe with a warm mug of tea.

It would appear that the fashion world has caught on because celebrities have taken to a new fashion towel and bathrobe trend called Bathleisure that looks as cozy as it is hilarious.

Don’t even try to come at us with criticism of this new trend because if it’s good enough for Rihanna to wear on the cover of Vogue Paris, then it’s good enough for the rest of us. Though, if we’re being honest we can admit that it’s unlikely that any of us will ever look as chic as Rihanna does with a towel on her head. But, we digress.

Rihanna’s not the only one who’s been rocking the Bathleisure look lately. Rita Ora hit the red carpet at the MTV EMAs, and as much as her look made us giggle, we were jealous of how comfortable and timeless she looked. Who among us hasn’t wanted to spend the whole day in a fancy bathrobe looking like the star of a noir film?

Would you ever jump on the Bathleisure bandwagon?

Come on, how great does she look?

Rita Ora fully committed to the look in a way that has us shook over her confidence. The fact that she’s dripping in diamonds adds to the overall glamour of the look.


It’s won us over.

If you’re thinking about rocking the Bathleisure look this winter, here are 5 pieces to get you started on your journey:

1Parachute Home Classic Bathrobe, $99


Get Rita’s look with this plush, extra-luxurious bathrobe featuring two slouchy front pockets, a snug waist tie, and a cozy shawl collar.

2Coyuchi Organic Sateen Terry Robe, $128


This organic cotton fabric is silky and elegant, and thanks to its velvety micro terry lining, it’s soft, absorbent, and cozy.

3ASOS New Floral Look Satin Pajama Robe, $40


This colorful and silky satin robe will lift your spirits on the darkest day and make you feel like you’re a glamorous star.

4Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel, $30


Dry your hair in half the time it usually takes with this glam hair turban that won’t make you look like a space alien.

5Free People Obi Velvet Kimono, $168


It doesn’t get much more luxe than velvet, and this rich, green color simply divine. What do you think, are you in on this trend? We kind of love it and will definitely be swanning around our homes in our bathrobe finery. Only time will tell if we decide to stroll out while wearing it.

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