This is the Bathing Suit of Your Beachy Dreams, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

From bright bikini sets to cut-out one-pieces.

As we embrace all the feels of Cancer season, make like a water sign, and head to the ocean, the bathing suit we want to show off this summer is at the top of our minds. And while we’re feeling a bit torn between all the options (should we go high-waisted or high-waisted cheeky?), we are using astrological guidance to help us figure out which swimsuit will feel like it was made for us. 

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, each zodiac sign has their own sense of style, which can come out in the clothes they choose. Aries may like bold, bright colors, for example, while Virgo wants to keep things clean and traditional. For those who relate to their sun sign on every level, we asked Lisa Stardust which bathing suit each zodiac sign will naturally gravitate to. This is what she had to say.


bathing suit zodiac sign aires amazon ariesbathing suit zodiac sign aires amazon aries

OMKAGI Women's 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini

Shop it Amazon

When you head to the pool, Aries, you’re looking to make a splash. That’s why you want a bathing suit so bright you can see it from outer space. “Anything that has a flash of neon color will make Aries feel seen and at peace while frolicking on the shore,” Stardust says. We suggest this OMKAGI two-piece bandeau set in bright pink. It’s incredibly you—and an Amazon bestseller.


bathing suit zodiac signbathing suit zodiac sign

River Island Plunge Neck Metallic One-Piece Swimsuit

Shop it Nordstrom

Just because you’re headed to the pool does not mean you will compromise on a luxe look, Taurus. “A bathing suit with a low-cut, deep v in the front or the back will bring out the bull’s sensual nature,” Stardust says. We really like this fun cut-out one-piece by River Island because it’s extra in all the right ways without being over-the-top.


bathing suit zodiac signbathing suit zodiac sign

CUPSHE Reversible Lace-Up Bikini Set

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For the sign of the twins, we present a bathing suit that is just as versatile as you are. “Gemini is a dual sign and will love to wear a bathing suit or bikini that has two different colors (one color on top and another one on the bottom),” Stardust says. We suggest this Amazon favorite by CUPSHE that is reversible and only $32.99 for the whole set.


bathing suit zodiac sign summersaltbathing suit zodiac sign summersalt

The Sidestroke

Shop it Summersalt

Even though you’re a water sign, Cancer, you’re much more comfortable lying out in the sand than going in the water. For the days you want to lounge around, go for a one-piece so you get fewer weird tan lines. “This lunar babe will opt for a more conservative bathing suit to luxuriate at the beach in because they like to sit in the sun all day,” Stardust says. This Summersalt one-piece in the shades seaweed, sea glass, and white sand fits the crab to a T.


bathing suit zodiac signbathing suit zodiac sign

Wrap Halter Bikini Top

Shop it Aerie

Let’s be honest, Leo: You’re not going to a beach party with the intention of fading into the background. “A flashy bikini that will make their entrance to the beach splash-worthy is the look this fiery solar babe will choose,” Stardust says. Naturally, that means red. We spotted this red halter bikini and matching bottom from Aerie, and now we are as obsessed as you will inevitably be.


bathing suit zodiac sign billabong virgobathing suit zodiac sign billabong virgo

Billabong Feeling Sunny One-Piece Swimsuit

Shop it Nordstrom

You prefer a modern, clean aesthetic, Virgo, and your swimwear is no exception. “A bathing suit that’s classic with no frills is what Virgo will choose to wear by the ocean,” Stardust says. We fell in love with this linear one-piece from Billabong, and we feel it has your name written all over it.


bathing suit zodiac signbathing suit zodiac sign

The Ruffle Plunge Bikini Top

Shop it Summersalt

Just like your fellow Venus counterpart, Taurus, you look at a day at the beach as an occasion to get dressed up, Libra. But you’ll also want to sport some throwback vibes. “Libra will pick an old Hollywood glam piece that will speak to their decadent, tasteful, and stylish sensibilities,” Stardust says. We saw this ruffled, polka-dotted bikini top with matching bottoms ($45) on Summersalt and it reminded us of the silver screen.


bathing suit zodiac sign scorpio ariebathing suit zodiac sign scorpio arie

Leopard Wrap One-Piece Swimsuit

Shop it Aerie

If there’s one zodiac sign who’ll embrace an animal print wholeheartedly, it’s Scorpio. “A fierce print will let Scorpio stand out at the beach or pool—and let others know not to swim in their lanes,” Stardust says. This leopard one-piece from Aerie jumps out at us as your beach soulmate. (Psst! There are two other colorways that are on sale, too.)


bathing suits zodiac signbathing suits zodiac sign

Tie Dye Metallic Scoop One Piece Swimsuit

Shop it Everything But Water

“Sag goes all out in their bathing suit wear,” Stardust says. “They like to shine and sparkle at the beach with a bold, glowing suit or color.” Everything But Water has a lot of Sag-worthy finds, but this stunning, tie-dye metallic piece has just the right amount of sheen and shine for the archer.


bathing suit zodiac sign girlfriend collectivebathing suit zodiac sign girlfriend collective

Koi Caspian Bikini Top

Shop it Girlfriend Collective

You’re looking for something cute yet functional this summer, Cap. “A high-waisted bikini will suit Capricorn’s conservative and classic style,” Stardust says. “It will show just enough skin to get a tan and leave a lot to the imagination—just how Caps like it.” Buy this top and match it to its high-waisted bottom.


bathing suit zodiac sign old navybathing suit zodiac sign old navy

One-Shoulder Side-Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit for Women

Shop it Old Navy

You’re unconventional, Aquarius, and you want your bathing suit to be the same. “Aquarius will opt for a bathing suit with cutouts in the front, back, or side that embraces their unique style,” Stardust says. We like this Old Navy one-piece for its cut-out front and classic black color—trendy yet timeless.


bathing suit zodiac sign targetbathing suit zodiac sign target

Shade & Shore Ribbed Triangle Bikini Top

Shop it Target

Water is your world, and a bathing suit often feels like your second skin. “A halter-style bathing suit or bikini will let Pisces swim free without constraints in their salty homes (aka the ocean),” Stardust says. This ribbed bikini from Target is fun, playful, and practical, and we love that the top is available for cup sizes 32B to 38DD. (Buy the matching bottom here.)

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