Your dream of bathing in ramen noodles is now a reality

If there’s something about “bathing in noodles” on your bucket list, we’ve got good news. Now you can, and it sounds like a noodle bath is actually good for your skin, too. So pack your bags, because we’re going to Japan.

Yunessan Spa House in Hakone, Japan is now offering noodle baths, but not just any kind of noodle bath. Ramen noodle baths. A video posted to Facebook about the spa suggests that since we love noodles, and we love baths, why not combine the two together? OK, we’re willing to try anything once, right?

While the bath uses real ramen pork broth, it switches out real noodles for synthetic ones, because health authorities in Japan have banned the use of real ones. Synthetic ones will do just fine. Also if real noodles were used, think of how many of them would go to waste at the end of the day (because it’s not like anyone’s going to eat them post-bath).

There’s collagen in the pork broth, and since collagen is good for the skin the spa suggest that a whole bath in it should become part of your beauty routine. Also — supposedly — the noodle bath boost metabolism. That’s probably a good thing, because after taking one of these baths you’re probably going to have a real craving for some ramen. Maybe not a whole bath-full, but close.

Image via here, here.