This bath-loving dog is an overload of cuteness

There are many dogs who love to swim, especially if it involves the adventure of retrieving a ball or toy. But when it comes to bath time, our little canine friends usually kick up a huge fuss and it’s a genuine struggle to get them clean. However, there are exceptions to this rule (even for cats!).

We recently came across a dog named Casper who doesn’t mind taking a bath. Actually by the looks of things, he enjoys getting all soapy and warm in the tub. He even dips his eyes under, which is sort of weird, but hey—whatever works! (Hopefully they’re using a gentle baby soap which won’t sting his eyes.)

One YouTube commenter even noted that the dog “looks like a polar bear in the snow,” and we have to agree. It’s also really appropriate and hilarious that his name is Casper.

We can’t imagine how this person tricked Casper into liking baths so much. Is it the belly rub? If only all dogs could be like him, our lives would be easier! Here’s the full video of Casper in the bath, which will surely make your day complete (either that, or you’ll immediately start giving your dog a belly rub in the tub!). Casper, you know how to live life.