Bath and Body Works’ new fall collection is a cute goth starter kit

While it still isn’t *officially* fall yet, everyone else is celebrating the unofficial start of the season with everything pumpkin, witchy, and well, anything that reminds us of the forthcoming changing season. Sure, Michael’s and other craft stores have had their Halloween decorations out since like, May, but other retailers are finally following suit and we’re super stoked on it!

Everyone’s favorite fragrance spot at the mall, Bath and Body Works, actually just released their new fall collection and after looking at the whopping 51 items they’re offering, it’s safe to say that it’s basically a cute goth starter kit.

The line includes scents like “Vampire’s Blood” (Wicked Plum), “Purrfect Pumpkin,” and “Ghoul Friend” (Sweet Spooky Sugar), which TBH, I’m buying the “Vampire’s Blood” body wash just to say I’m going to wash my body with vampire’s blood.


In addition to the spooky scents, Bath and Body Works is also offering cute little key chains in the form of a sassy black cat, BFF Ghoul Friends, and a cute little bat.


The cute goth fun doesn’t stop there! Some of the candle holders are out of this world!


Even the soap holders are spooky cute!


You can view the rest of the collection here.

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