Bath and Body Works released a massive Coco Shea collection that will give you angel-soft skin

The best way to ensure you’re treating your skin right is to pretend that it’s a precious little baby that needs constant lathering. Babies smell good and have soft gentle skin, and now you can too! How is this possible?! Well, Bath and Body Works dropped a Coco Shea collection full of soft moisturizers and heavenly scents.

For those of us who thought the release of Bath and Body Works whipped cream moisturizer marked the sexual and emotional peak of the brand, we have been gladly proven wrong by their foray into shea butter. The brand new line of body care products includes fragrant body oils, conditioning body butter, and creamy body wash.

They have three delicious flavors of body butter including: CocoSea Honey Body Butter (yes, please in our tea), CocoShea Coconut Body Butter (can’t go wrong with coconut), and the ultra refreshing Cocoshea Cucumber Aloe Gel Lotion.

You can bathe in any of these scrumptious body butters by purchasing them online for $16.50.

Their creamy body wash is available in the same three sexy flavors as the butters so you can be forever soft.

The body washes are sold individually for $13.50 on the website.

It doesn’t stop there, they also have CocoShea body oil, shower gel, and a heavenly mist.

These are available for you to fall in love with and purchase for $16.50 online.

We can practically smell this line of products through the screen.

Hey, we’re not complaining.

Be sure to check out the full line of delicious products so you can feel like a brand new baby.