The new Bath and Body Works aromatherapy collection has a little something for everybody

Hello, are you feeling peaceful and relaxed? No?! That’s okay, you’re not alone. It can be hard to find a slice of peace in this chaotic (but wonderful) world. While we can’t fix all the chaos, we CAN tip you off to the new Bath and Body Works aromatherapy collection that features six different, but equally soothing blends of essential oils.

The new Bath and Body Works collection will offer a selection of calming products, ranging from hand creams, lotions, lip balms, and body washes, to home essentials like scented candles, oil plug-ins, and an aromatic room spray. The prices are affordable and run the gamut from $8.50 for a body bar, to $22 for a gorgeous three-wick candle.

There are six main oil blends (or flavors) for the collection, each focusing on a different mood: Stree Relief, Sleep, Happiness, Focus, Energy, and Comfort.

Let’s look at the collection, shall we?

1Sleep: Lavender and Cedarwood


As you can imagine, the sleep blend of lavender and cedarwood (and yes, sometimes occasionally a drop of vanilla) was formulated to induce tranquility. Something we could all use.

2Stress Relief: Eucalyptus and Spearmint


The eucalyptus base is supposed to help clear your mind, while the spearmint is good for lifting and lightening the mood. Both smell so fresh.

3Focus: Eucalyptus and Tea


As with the stress relief blend, eucalyptus clears the mind while the wafting caffeinated energy of tea extract infuses focus into the air.

4Comfort: Vanilla and Patchouli


The blend of Vanilla and Patchouli help instill a sense of harmony, so you can say goodbye to anxious thoughts.

5Energy: Orange and Ginger


This blend is a sweet smelling kick in the pants. The orange oil promotes all around alertness while the ginger opens up the senses.

6Happiness: Bergamot and Mandarin


Bergamot oil inspires a sense of balance while Mandarin is known to promote energy and overall mood.

Head on over to Bath and Body Works’ website to see what strikes your fancy!

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