Bath and Body Works launched adorable rainbow hand soaps that are infused with olive oil

We have long been obsessed with the amazing softening powers of olive oil! Bath and Body Works is launching an entire line of soaps with the magical ingredient in a whole range of rainbow goodness! So not only do these new soaps feel great on your hands, they also look great on your counter! Olive oil has been used since ancient times as a cleanser and moisturizer. Bath and Body may have had historic inspiration for the collection, but the scents are all modern!

These kitchen hand soap scents include everything from the darkly sweet Black Cherry Merlot to the refreshing Eucalyptus Mint.

Other scents include everyday ingredients that smell wonderful like Apple & Thyme, Perfectly Pear, and Blue Sky Berry. Each bottle of hand soap is currently on sale for only $6! The luxe collection will probably have us reaching for the sink more often than we need to, because who doesn’t want to smell like a Peach Bellini all day?

The great thing about falling for a scent when it comes to Bath and Body Works is that they often create multiple products with the same one. This means we can snag the Peach Bellini olive oil hand soap and a hand sanitizer, body wash, and a scented mist!

Check out the collection on Bath and Body Works’ website, so you can have a rainbow-themed bathroom!

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