Batgirl just made history with this comic book wedding

Comics have been on an inclusivity roll as of late, featuring groundbreaking characters like the latest incarnation of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, the first Muslim character to headline her own comic book. We also love Valiant Comics’ Faith, a spinoff of their series Harbringer, whose eponymous superheroine is a fuller-figured lady in a world in which superheroines have been traditionally/almost exclusively thin.

Now the DC Universe is representing the gender spectrum in a historic way. As MTV reports, today’s issue of Batgirl features the wedding of the title character’s BFF: trans woman Alysia Leoh.

Alysia has been making history for some time now. When she made her debut in Batgirl (vol. 4) #1 in November 2011, she became the first major trans character to appear in a modern mainstream comic. That said, Alysia definitely had her predecessors. When then-writer of Batgirl Gail Simone asked fans on Tumblr to celebrate non-binary trailblazers, comic book fans responded by heralding Shvaughn/Sean Erin of Legion of Superheroes, Xavin of Runaways, Desire of Sandman, Lord Fanny of The Invisibles, and Sir Ystin of Shining Knights, and Coagula from The Doom Patrol.

Alysia stands on the shoulders of giants, but she’s been a major player in her own right when it comes to representing the gender spectrum in mainstream comics. She continues to break new ground by wedding her activist partner Jo in today’s issue.

Check out the page below in which Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl sees Alysia in her wedding dress for the first time:

“This was something we talked about when we took the book over and we didn’t know if we were ever going to get a chance to play it out, because we had so much heavy lifting to do in our first arc that there wasn’t room to play up this plot,” Brenden Fletcher, who co-writes the comic with Cameron Stewart, told MTV News. “And we didn’t know that we were going to be successful at all and get to do any more than six issues. So thankfully we’ve gotten to continue working on the series, and we’ve been able to do these things that we’ve always wanted to do. One of them was the wedding.”

Fletcher was thrilled to be able to pen this wedding because this was exactly the direction they wanted to go in with this character.

“We’re just looking at what the best story is for the characters and just trying to push forward with that,” Fletcher explained. “We just have to try to do what it is we want to do and in our case, Editorial has been so, so, so supportive. It’s a fantastic experience.”

Congratulations Alysia and Jo! We’re so thrilled for these fictional characters, and the awesome affect this milestone has on real world representation.

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