Baskin-Robbins just made it way easier to get your ice cream fix this summer

Ice cream and summer were made for each other. Although we love ice cream all year round, it’s pretty much the perfect warm-weather treat. We love inventive flavors like this witchy ice cream. We love making DIY galaxy ice cream. And sometimes, we even eat ice cream for breakfast.

However, we don’t always feel like getting up to go get ice cream. Can you blame us though? Maybe it’s late and you’re watching a really good show. Maybe you’re lying around with your friends wondering how it could ever be so hot outside. Sometimes, how much you don’t want to go outside wins out. We can’t judge because we’ve all been there! Now thanks to Baskin-Robbins, this is no longer a problem.

In honor of National Ice Cream Month, Baskin-Robbins and DoorDash created an ice cream delivery service!

According to Engadget, Baskin-Robbins has recently partnered with a mobile app called DoorDash that lets you order ice cream with the touch of a screen in 22 American cities. While there is a delivery fee starting at $2.99 on top of any ice cream order, that probably won’t stop most of us. When the mood for ice cream strikes and the mood to not move hits stronger, we will all be downloading DoorDash, no problem.

Our summers just got a whole lot sweeter!

On top of this awesomeness, Baskin-Robbins also announced that in addition to ice cream delivery with DoorDash, they’ll be delivering Polar Pizzas (which are of course ice cream pizzas) to kids in children’s hospitals across the country on July 14th. At the same time they’ll be offering free samples of Polar Pizzas in select stores. So if you do feel like getting up to go get ice cream, that’s a good day to do it.

Honestly, we’re so excited about this!

Ice cream delivery, whenever you want? We’re just surprised no one thought of this genius idea sooner. We cannot wait to see all the possibilities it brings to our summers.