This little baseball playing dude had to take an extra second at first base to tell his dad/coach “I love you”

Baseball fans old and young alike know that when the weather turns cooler and the days grow shorter, the MLB season is beginning to wind its way to the World Series. However, today we learned of one (adorable) little leaguer who probably cares less about that than about spending some quality time with his dad.

Time shared the video, originally posted by America’s Funniest Home Videos, of the little boy who gets a hit during his little league game. The man taking the video cheers him on, telling him to run to second base quickly. However, the little boy stops short of first base and says, “Hey,” then, more quietly, “I got to tell you something.”

It seems like he might have a secret to share, but the boy follows up his initial declaration with, “I like you. And I love you.” The video-taker laughs warmly and appears to give the little boy a one-armed hug. He says, “I love you too,” twice before telling the boy to run to second; then he revises that and says, “All the way home!”

While it would be sweet for the boy to be saying this to his coach regardless, it’s worth noting that the man taking the video and encouraging the little boy to run is, in fact, his father.

The little one definitely seems to prioritize family above sports despite his father’s urgings to run the bases; however, he’s also a tiny lad and there’s still a chance that a career in sports could be in his future. And even if baseball turns out not to be his thing, we still have a feeling he’d never say no to a good old game of catch with his pops!

(Image via YouTube.)