This baseball fan had the best response when a dude tried to question her knowledge

Don’t underestimate women who are sports fans, because they’ll come at you with some amazing puns. That’s how Megan Brown took down one particular suitor who didn’t believe she was as much of a sports fan as she claimed. When this anonymous dude tried to “test” her knowledge of baseball, she didn’t just ace the test — she also completely shut him down in the process.

“When meeting or dating guys, it’s common for them to attempt to quiz women to test if they ‘really’ are sports fans,” this hero told Uproxx about her response. “This guy was someone I met off of a dating app, we had started texting, and he asked me that question. It seemed pretty condescending, plus it was something SO basic it was kind of insulting. Instead of responding with the teams (first instinct) or ignoring, I decided to have a little fun.”

There’s an unfortunate misconception that a woman who is a sports fan is just “pretending” because she couldn’t possibly be interested in the real thing. That mindset is sexist and pretty outdated, since clearly women like Megan are total experts.

Instead of being skeptical of other’s interests if they fall outside stereotypes, we should be celebrating our passions, especially if we have them in common. If not, Megan knows exactly how to handle it.

Even better, her Internet popularity has opened up the door forsuitors who can appreciate that she’s a legit baseball fan.

You got this, Megan!

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