Here’s how you can barter your way into free hotel stays in Italy

Dreaming of a European getaway? Good news, budget travelers: You could be on your way to a week-long stay in Italy without paying a dime (we’re not kidding).

Thousands of Italian bed & breakfasts will participate in “Barter Week” from November 14th to 20th. According to Barter Week’s website, the initiative began as a response to the dip in the tourism industry after the 2008 financial crisis. The week helps to spread the word about Italy’s many inns and bed & breakfasts, which offer visitors a more affordable way to travel.

Barterers can offer goods and services in exchange for their stay -- instead of booking with cold, hard cash.

The organization writes on their website:

“Such items as homemade marmalade or a DVD collection can be suitable examples of barterable goods. Alternatively, the provision of gardening or plumbing services, or even of music lessons, can be just as much welcomed by a B&B owner.”


So how do you get started?

First, figure out where you want to stay by browsing the options on Barter Week’s website. Then, submit an application to the owner of the property.

You may want to hurry: There’s competition for living la dolce vida cost-free. Last year’s event received over 10,000 barter requests and proposals. the Guardian reports. Good luck!

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