Baroque Obama is apparently a thing, and we will never stop laughing

Whenever you start to get down about the state of the world, just remember that there are good people out there with Photoshop ready to make you smile. Which is surely how Baroque Obama became a thing. Once you see Baroque, you can’t un-see him…nor will you want to.

So who is Baroque Obama, you ask?

He’s exactly what he sounds like — images of President Obama’s face superimposed onto old images of baroque-era men. That’s it. Writing with a feathered pen, wearing one of those silly wigs…just being baroque AF.

According to Bored Panda, most people come across Baroque Obama when they Google the president but autocorrect turns “Barack” into “Baroque.” Some genius put two and two together and people started making their own versions. And now, it’s an amazing little internet hole you should definitely get lost in for a while.

Here’s some more Baroque Obama to make you smile:

OMG, he’s great, right?

The best part about this whole phenomenon might be that we can imagine Barack Obama giggling with his iPad when he accidentally stumbles across this (although Baroque hasn’t hit official meme status yet, since Know Your Meme, the definitive meme search engine, doesn’t recognize him).

Obama will always hold a special place in our hearts, and Baroque Obama is just the latest installment of the epic memes he’s provided us. Keep at it, internet. This is why we love you. Also, President Obama, may we suggest this as your 2017 Halloween costume?