Barely Blair: The art of living (alone)

Hi. I’m Blair. I live alone. Not in a rich way but in a “I just want to be alone when I’m home” way. I’ve learned some things along the way and I wanted to share them with you, because there is an art to living alone.

1. Take off your clothes. 

You live alone. Never wear pants. Ever. 

2. Get wifi or steal wifi.

If you pay for wifi yourself because your neighbors are paranoid, don’t make it your phone number because your friends will hate you when they come over. If your neighbors aren’t paranoid, by all means steal that wifi. 

3. Embrace Insanity.

My plant has a human name and I’m okay with that. 

4. Learn to cook for one. 

You can get a $20 toaster at Target. Luckily, toasters have two slots just in case you have a date. 

5. Answer your door sometimes.

When there is a knock on your door, it’s not (always) the police.

Nobody’s home. 6. Enjoy your company. 

And not just because it’s your only option. 

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