This woman loves Barbie so much, she spent over 70K to build her collection

While many young girls (and boys) grew up loving and playing with Barbies, few can rival the loyalty of the Barbie fan who turned her house into a shrine that further immortalizes the bright pink world of Barbie. After 34-year-old Azusa Sakamoto bought her first Barbie lunchbox as a teenager, she found herself immediately obsessed with the endless pink possibilities at her fingertips, and has now accumulated over $70,000 worth of Barbie gear.

Her Los Angeles home is the ultimate real-life manifestation of the Barbie Dreamhouse, boasting over 145 dolls, 60 bags, 40 pairs of shoes, and a Barbie-themed kitchen that is lavishly supplied with everything from themed cutlery to utensils.

Let’s talk about this amazing bathroom.

Even the toilet is decked out in doll heaven.

But her commitment to being the indisputable number one Barbie fan doesn’t stop there.

Sakamoto even rocks Mattel-inspired clothing, accessories, and underwear as part of her fully-committed persona.

When interviewed by the Daily Mail about her next-level obsession Sakamoto freely admitted that she would prioritize her Barbie collection over a relationship any day, but is lucky to be currently dating a man who supports her habit.

“Thankfully my boyfriend is really cool about my Barbie obsession, he fully supports me. Barbie has been in my life for as long as I can remember now so if I was asked to choose between a man and my Barbie stuff I’d pick Barbie.”

Depending on your personal relationship with Barbies, Sakamoto’s house either embodies the ultimate cotton candy-colored dream scenario, or the most daunting plastic nightmare!

For those in the Los Angeles area who love her obsession and want to emulate some of her Barbie-inspired look, she now offers Azusa Barbie nail art services! Now your manicure can marry the nostalgia of childhood with the grown-up ritual of treating yourself.

Just LOOK at this nail station!

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