This woman’s 90-second Barbie makeup transformation is mesmerizing

Kandee Johnson, makeup guru and possible magician, has been transforming her face on YouTube since 2009. Using cosmetics that any regular ol’ Jo could buy at Sephora, Kandee’s tutorials demonstrate how she makes her mug look like The Queen of Hearts of Miley Cyrus or Kylie Jenner. Seriously, these looks are amazing — by the end of the videos, Kandee could pass as a completely different person (and maybe do a sneaky cameo on Keeping Up With the Kardashians because that would be hilarious).

This week, Kandee released a new video that doesn’t include step-by-step instructions. Instead, it shows the professional artist doing a Barbie makeup look on fast forward. In just 90 seconds, Kandee goes from fresh-faced to fantastic plastic. The transformation is so hypnotizing to watch. It doesn’t even seem possible.

Kandee pops in blue contacts. Okay, yeah, those make a difference, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Then she does all kinds of crazy contouring, even on her eyes. And she draws eyelashes on with eyeliner, which is absolutely genius. All I’ve ever managed to do with eyeliner is poke myself in the eye.

Once she adds the blonde wig and multi-dimensional lips, Kandee is Barbie. Her face is so doll-like, she could be cast as Tyra Bank’s friend in Life-Size. OMG.

If watching this mesmorizing ninety-second video on repeat for a few hours inspires you to try your own Barbie makeup look for Halloween or Homeroom (no judgment here), check out Kandee’s full-length tutorial. Her techniques are so cool and she has a great sense of humor. No wonder the tutorial has over 11 million views!

Watch the incredible hi-speed transformation here — beware, it’s addicting.

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