FINALLY: Barbie is going to be able to wear flats for the first time EVER

There’s a lot about Barbie that isn’t realistic. There are the super-obvious things, like her waist and cup sizes (we’ve all seen the mock-ups of how Barbie’s unreal proportions would look on a real human lady), but then there are the equally-bizarre, lesser-discussed things, like her perpetually high-heeled feet. Since her creation, Barbie’s feet have stood at a point, always at-the-ready for four-inch heels.

Finally, that’s about to change and Barbie will get to feel the epic relief of kicking off an uncomfortable pair of heels and sliding her feet into some comfy flats. For the first time, her feet are going to be shaped to accommodate more practical (and comfortable and, IMHO, all-around better) shoes. The change comes courtesy of Mattel’s Barbie Fashionistas line. The new line of dolls will feature adjustable ankles, allowing them to wear flat shoes (but still wear heels when they feel like it, because having the choice is still important).

The Barbie Fashionistas line is going to be the most diverse and realistic line of dolls in Barbie’s history. In addition to the flat-friendly adjustable ankles, the Fashionistas line will offer eight different skin tone options, 14 different facial sculpts, 18 eye colors, 22 hair styles, and 23 hair colors.

Barbie has faced a lot of criticism for promoting unrealistic beauty standards and lacking diversity. The new Fashionista line looks like it will be first step to fixing some of Barbie’s problems.

Here’s hoping that future Barbie lines feature more diversity in body shape, as well.

(Images via here.)