These barbers giving free haircuts to the homeless make our hearts leap

What could you do with $14 and a hand-me-down mirror?

Brazilian barbers Vinicius Rodrigues and Esdras Gomes have taken just that and turned it into a successful business, Bom de Corte (“good with the cut”). The Sao Palo barbershop not only makes one-of-a-kind hair art, but provides services for their city’s poorest residents.

The two started out visiting the city’s nursing homes, shelters and churches, offering haircuts to the residents and parishioners. Now, they open up the shop at 8:30 AM, offering some of the most innovative, remarkable haircuts to whoever shows up and wants one.  Rodrigues told Buzzfeed, “There is no way to explain the look in people’s faces when we finish our job and show them how they look,” he said. “The twinkle in their eyes has no value or explanation. It is worth more than a million thank you’s.”

The free haircuts started last year around Easter, when Rodrigues and Gomes wanted to celebrate the holiday, but didn’t have the money to buy Easter eggs for the children. They opened up the barber shop and gave 18 kids haircuts. Talk about giving back! These guys go beyond selfless, and are pretty amazing at cutting hair to boot.

But these aren’t just any old haircuts. These are the freshest, most innovative and inspired cuts you’ve ever seen. They’ve gained quite a bit of notoriety on social media for their haircuts and the intricate designs they weave into them.

Neither of the men took a special class in hair art, and Rodrigues says, “Every cut is different because we never took a class on how to design or draw on hair,” he said. “So someone walks into our barbershop and asks for a specific drawing and we need to figure out if it’s possible to do.

The support for the Bom de Corte has been so positive that Rodrigues and Gomes have decided to open another shop that provides training to very folks they’ve been servicing. Their business has come a long way from the $14 they spent to invest in one chair and the mirror Rodrigues’ mother gave him.

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