Barbed wire eyebrows give new meaning to “looking sharp”

You probably know we’re all about eyebrows and trying to get the perfect look. Trying. Now, we discovered that barbed wire eyebrows give new meaning to “looking sharp,” as Allure reported. Of course, eyebrow trends seem to change ~all the time~. It seems like just yesterday, Lena Dunham was getting her eyebrows microbladed. Also recently, people were drawing their eyebrow shapes on their arms. And, of course, Cara Delevingne ~always~ has perfect brows.

So, the latest?! Barbed wire eyebrows, where your brows look fashionably messy.

This is courtesy of makeup artist Athena Paginton, according to Allure. She started the trend back in March — told you we can’t keep up!

Here’s a look at some barbed wire brows, and you can be the judge of whether or not you’ll get in on the craze.

Okay, the big bonus is that it looks like they’re easy to create.

Denver-based makeup artist Sara Jean just tried out the barbed wire brow look, too.

The new trend definitely gives us new #EyebrowGoals, though we’re betting a new brow trend will start as soon as we master this one. Hopefully, our brows will grow back in time so we’ll be ready to try it out!

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