Omigod Barb from “Stranger Things” is so indie-glam IRL

It’s no secret that we love Barb from Stranger Things. She gives us all the #feelings.


And what’s even more awesome is how just darn cool the actress who plays Barb, Shannon Purser, is in real life—both in terms of her sense of humor and fashion sense.

In real-life she’s nothing like her character and is a total indie-glam kween.

A sweetheart with style

We love how humble Shannon Purser is. And we can’t stop staring at her glorious curls!

Showing cast pride

It sure sounds like Shannon had a blast filming Stranger Things—why else would she look so happy wearing her Stranger Things crew t-shirt?

Seriously, she could be a model

Even with this historic background we can’t keep our eyes of Shannon.

If only our senior portraits looked this awesome

No typical senior portrait for Shannon Purser! Barb would be proud.

Further proof Shannon’s style is classy yet edgy

Red lips, fun eyeliner, and a Spiderman t-shirt? We have serious #wardrobe envy.

We’re loving her witty captions… or lack thereof

I mean, she’s right. There IS no nonchalant way to caption a selfie.

We’re in awe of her ability to pull off this lipstick

When most of us try to wear black lipstick, we look like depressed goths. Shannon, meanwhile, looks effortlessly cool.

We love a girl who loves space

The nerdy boys of Stranger Things would no doubt have major crushes on Shannon Purser IRL.

AND she loves Halloween? Could she not get any cooler?

Shannon, we’d break into a haunted house with you, anytime.

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