Barb from “Stranger Things” had a hilariously low-key reaction to her Emmy nomination

The cast of Stranger Things has had a dream-come-true sort of year. The success of the show has thrown the entire young cast into the spotlight, essentially cementing their domination of Hollywood for at least the rest of their teens. It’s only Barb, played by actress Shannon Purser, who has sort of been left out of the fun, given her fate on the show. Which is why Barb from Stranger Things‘ reaction to her Emmy nomination was so sweet.

Purser was nominated last week for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama, and when she found out, she told New York’s Vulture, she was thrilled. But she didn’t want to overdo anything.

She explained, “I’m a real homebody, I don’t do a whole lot. I took a nice bath and I ordered room service at this hotel that I’m staying at.”

To be real, that sounds like the *best* reaction to good news.

Purser added, “That was about it — I’m crazy! I’m in Vancouver shooting the second season of Riverdale, so I couldn’t be with all of my friends. Hopefully when I get home we’ll have a party or something.”

Yes! You heard that right. Purser is starting on Riverdale, so she read some scripts and went in for a fitting. And yes, she has Season 2 spoilers.

But first, the Emmys!


In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Purser said that her brain basically “shut down” when she heard the news, which we can understand. An Emmy nomination for your first onscreen appearance ever is not something one can process with just one nice bath. She added that she had a running joke with her mom that if she was nominated for an award, she would take her. So expect to see Shannon’s mom on her arm on the red carpet.

Purser is also already worrying about what to wear. “Right now, I’m totally geeking out about dresses because I love dressing up. So I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear! It’s totally surreal. This is the thing that I dreamed about as a kid and it never seemed possible. It’s really amazing.” false

Purser said that she tweeted with her cast mates to congratulate them on their nominations, too. She said she messaged Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper) and reports back that they are (of course) “over the moon.”

Purser added, “And so deserving, obviously. David has been in this business for a long time and is incredible at everything he does. And Millie, she’s a prodigy. The work that she did with so little dialogue is so amazing, and I’m so excited and proud of them.”

Aw, these Stranger Things kids, huh? We can’t wait to seem on the red carpet this year. And hopefully sweep up some well-deserved Emmys.

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