Barack’s reaction to Michelle Obama’s DNC speech is #relationshipgoals

In case you’re wondering if love is real, President Obama just proved with a single tweet. In it, we see his unwavering adoration and admiration for our fave FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

Following First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last night (which was amazing, BTW), the President tweeted about his love for his wife, saying, “Incredible speech by an incredible woman.” Like, aw.

He followed it up by making even more solid our Michelle obsession, saying, “Couldn’t be more proud & our country has been blessed to have her as FLOTUS.” Michelle has spent the last 8 years making us feel *beyond* #blessed, and we’re so grateful to have been able to have her as an icon, a role model, and a representative of our country.

The final line of the tweet was the sweetest and most tear-jerking, as he publicly stated, “I love you, Michelle.”

Our hearts may or may not have just burst.

Not only is the President’s reaction to last night’s speech by FLOTUS total #relationshipgoals, but it is so important to see real, true love shown to a black woman in this country. In a society where black women are, in too many cases, majorly torn down (I mean, Leslie Jones got chased off of Twitter just for being black and a woman, something many black women have dealt with), it means so much to see Barack’s respect for his wife. Because Michelle is truly an incredible person, and she deserves nothing but respect.

And she made that even clearer than ever in her beautiful speech.

Despite continually experiencing racist misogyny, the vile horrors of trolls, and structural inequity, Michelle Obama remains a shining star. She provides hope for young girls who hope to one day aspire to be in such a position of power, and her relationship with President Obama shows that, well, love is real. And we all deserve it.

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