Barack Obama reported to jury duty, and people at court showed him so much love

It is everyone’s civic responsibility to go to jury duty. Now that Barack Obama is a commoner like us, he too has to report to the courts. Today, former President Barack Obama lit up the Cook County, Illinois courthouse and made the typically awful jury duty experience a memorable one. Obama showed up with about six Secret Service agents, signed in with the registrar, and took his seat like everybody else — he then proceeded to shake hands with the entire room, which was sweet but took him a while. Someone posted a video online of the former Prez working the room with that winning smile. Hand after hand, he graciously made his way through the room and we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t tear up a bit when someone called out, “Nice to meet you, Mr. President.”

The fact that he reported to jury duty a year and a day after the fateful 2016 election is…interesting.

Although Obama lives in D.C. now, he does still have a residence in Chicago, which is why he was summoned there.

According to TMZ, he was dismissed from jury duty a few hours later. We’re guessing that his presence in a trial might be a tad distracting.


Everyone had their phones out, trying to capture a glimpse of the legendary Obama.


Basically, hundreds of people who dreaded going to jury duty today suddenly became super pumped about reporting for jury duty.

We miss you, Obama! Thanks for exercising your civic duties!