Michelle Obama and Jill Biden say Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s best friendship is the real deal – not just the stuff of perfect memes

If the Obama-Biden memes have been the only thing to successfully bring a smile to your face post-election, get ready for all the feels — because Michelle Obama and Jill Biden say that Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s best friendship is the real deal. So, does this mean the conversations in those glorious Obama/Biden memes are actually happening in real life?

Michelle and Jill will neither confirm nor deny, but we’re going to choose to believe they’re accurate — because we really need the comfort right now. But, what do the President and VP do when Obama’s not shooting down all of Uncle Joe’s practical joke suggestions?

“They’ll go for long walks, looking into each other’s eyes,” the First Lady joked during an interview with PEOPLE. “They’re going to be eating ice cream together somewhere, I’m sure,” Jill Biden added.

Jokes aside, Obama and Biden indeed share a beautiful relationship that’s rare in politics. “I think they really love one another… just like we do,” Jill told PEOPLE, referencing her friendship with the First Lady.

And these friendships won’t end on January 20th — the couples are already eager to spend time together once their days in office come to an end.

Obama and Biden will probably go golfing, and Michelle and Jill plan to sit by the fire and drink. So, how can we get in on these gatherings?

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Obama and Biden truly are like family — Michelle says the VP is “the big brother” Obama never had, and he takes great joy in the time they spend together.

Obama will go down in history as one of America’s best presidents and he’s made no shortage of amazing decisions during his time in office — but Michelle believes his best choice of all was picking Biden as VP.

“It’s the best decision that Barack has made as President of the United States, picking Joe and [the] Bidens as our partners in this journey,” Michelle says.

To say that Obama and Biden represent #FriendshipGoals would be the understatement of the century — and let’s also take a moment to acknowledge the adorable friendship between Michelle and Jill.

I know we’ve already asked this multiple times, but do they really have to leave office in January? Hopefully they’ll keep us updated on their activities via social media — this bromance is the pick-me-up we’ll all need in 2017.

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