Barack Obama delivered presents to sick children while wearing a Santa hat, and we’re actually crying

Christmas is just days away, and even former president Barack Obama is helping spread the holiday cheer (not that we’re surprised). Yesterday, December 19th, he filled in for Saint Nick himself, bringing gifts to sick children at a Washington, D.C. hospital. According to USA Today, the 44th president brought a red and white bag packed with presents while on a visit to the Washington Children’s National Health System. For added festivity, Obama wore a Santa hat and reportedly greeted patients with a “ho ho ho.” He delivered presents one room at a time, taking the opportunity to talk to the children and their families.

USA Today adds that the former president also left a recorded message for the families he didn’t have a chance to see personally. Before leaving, he thanked the hospital staff for their work.

"At a time that’s obviously tougher for folks—to have nurses, staff, doctors, people who are caring for [the children], looking after them and listening to them, just there for them and holding their hand. That’s the most important thing there is," he told the gathered staff in a video shared by the hospital. "What a great reminder of what the holiday spirit is supposed to be all about."

Time notes that the 44th president has taken on the role of substitute Santa before. In 2017, he handed out gifts at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington. Our hearts may have just grown three sizes today.

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