These celebrities wished Barack Obama an emotional Happy Birthday, and pass us a tissue

On August 4th, former President Barack Obama turned 56. The internet took his birthday as an opportunity to celebrate the man, sending Obama an onslaught of warm birthday wishes. The people of the internet, including a bunch of celebs, also took the day as an opportunity to openly mourn Obama’s absence in the White House, because they, like us, feel his vacancy has left a huge hole in their hearts.

First, Michelle Obama posted a beautiful tribute on her Twitter account to Barack, sharing lovely family photos with her eight million followers.

Then, celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, wishing the former president joy and lamenting the end of his historic presidency.

We could not agree more with the sentiment here. Agree times infinity.

We haven’t imagined the former president in this way, dancing on a pepperoni and such. It’s kinda refreshing, no? Or downright silly? Either way, we’re smiling.

And the Twitter post that started it all…The one that melted our hearts and reminded us just how awesome Barack Obama is. (Not that we really needed a reminder — it’s been in the back of our minds since we were first introduced to him.)

And if you aren’t all cried out yet, who could forget this memorable moment when Obama dabbed his eyes on national television while thanking his family? In his last official speech as our president, he thanked Michelle for “taking on a role she didn’t ask for,” and said of all that he’s done in his life, he’s most proud to be Malia and Sasha’s father.

Oh boy, we feel the onslaught of tears, the rush of emotions, coming in a wave. We’re about to get real ugly, real fast. You’ll always be the president of our hearts, Obama. Thank you for leading us through some dark and difficult times. We are missing the heck out of you. Now and always, Happy Birthday!

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