This bar is handing out free drinks until the local college team wins a game

Well, this is one way to handle losing. The Basement in Orlando, Florida describes itself as having “some of the best grub in Orlando.” Apparently, it also has the best deals. The Basement is a sports bar frequented every Saturday by eager UCF fans…and for four games straight, the fans have been disappointed. This losing streak is so bad that the bar decided to do something to keep spirits up…literally. Every Saturday until the team wins a game, beer is completely free.

The new special was announced over on Instagram and has since gone viral, getting picked up by places like Sports Illustrated.

Their reasoning for the deal is simple: “Free beer during every game until we win. Because we need something to get excited about.”

That’s not all you can expect from their Saturday menu. The food menu is $5 and ten-piece wings are only $8. It’s feasible that you could have an afternoon of beer, food, and football, all for under ten dollars. You can check out more specials on their website.

For people like , this is good news. For sports fans, it’s kind of conflicting. Rooting for UCF to win means rooting against free beer. But rooting for free beer means rooting against UCF. For those who can’t decide, it’s okay. Things are pretty up in the air according to Vegas Insider, who reported the odds of the upcoming UCF vs. Tulane game as being 50/50.

No matter what it says on the scoreboard, this scenario seems pretty win/win.

(Image via Instagram)