Those tiny bagel bites you love at Starbucks just got three new holidays flavors

In case you weren’t obsessed with Bantam Bagels before, Starbucks has just introduced new pie-inspired holiday flavors and we’re LOSING our minds over here.

The tiny stuffed bagels are now available in three of the most popular holiday pie flavors, perfect for the Starbucks holiday menu:

  1. Apple Pie: A cinnamon-nutmeg bagel with an apple spice cream cheese filling, and baked apple crisp sprinkled on top
  2. Pumpkin Pie: A pumpkin spice bagel with a pumpkin pie-spiced cream cheese filling and crumbled graham crackers and powdered sugar topping
  3. Banana Cream Pie: A cinnamon-nutmeg bagel with banana cream filling and caramel topping

There’s a bit of a catch here, though.

These yummy flavors are only available at Starbucks’ Bleecker Street location in downtown New York City.

The new bagels won’t be around past January 1st, though, so if you live in or around NYC and you’re craving that sugar coma, we suggest you hop on a train ASAP.

If (for some really strange reason) you’re not a pie person, there are other Bantam Bagel flavors you can try — like French Toast or Cookies & Milk — by ordering from the official brand website.

To make things even better, when you buy these sweet treats online in December, 15% of all purchases are donated to the NY Food Bank.