The man behind Banksy may have been accidentally revealed

The evolution of street art and graffiti is directly tied to political resistance, popping up anywhere and everywhere the artist desires their voice to be heard. Art is activism, and no one knows this better than Banksy. The English street artist is known for his, or her, politically charged art that is both satirical and subversive. And while Banksy is a known activist and film director, the person behind Banksy remains anonymous…until now.

Well, maybe.

In a podcast, British DJ Goldie was speaking of the infamous street artist when he happened to refer to him by name, as “Robert.” This led many fans and listeners to believe that the man Goldie was referring to was Robert Del Naja, who also goes by 3D, a member of the band Massive Attack, who also happens to be close friends with DJ Goldie.


Speculations about the connection between Robert and Banksy have been floating around for a while, especially since journalists realized many of Banksy’s works appear in locations and dates that correspond to Massive Attack’s tour schedule.

And although Robert has denied being Banksy in the past, we’re still not sure who to believe. After all, that was a pretty serious name drop. But on the other hand, there has been an anonymous source that came forth to deny the connection, so we’re still unsure.

And even though DJ Goldie says he had a good laugh with Robert, we’re still suspicious.


But we’ll just have to wait and hopefully see Banksy reveal himself or herself in the future.