’s best-selling planners are back, and they’re more stunning than ever

When it comes to making us feel like we’ve got our lives together, nothing compares to the satisfaction of writing in a planner every day. Regardless of how many of the items on our daily to-do lists actually get completed (that’s a whole other story), writing down our plans and intentions for each day is one of the best ways to start a day and ensure it’s set up to be as productive as it can be.

This is why we were so thrilled to learn that’s iconic and best-selling planners (they really are the brand’s most popular product) are back, and in the 17-month format we know and love, thanks to consumer feedback.

This time, the planners’ theme is color—and each month in the planner is assigned a different color. And that’s not all—the content you see within the pages of that month will reflect the psychological meaning of the color it’s associated with. We love a thorough commitment to a look.


Shop some of our favorite picks from the new planners, and browse the entire collection, which just launched today, May 6th, at Classic 17-month planner in “Mood Board”

So stunning. Large 17-month planner in “Where You Need To Be”

Say it louder for the people in the back. Medium 17-month planner in “Block Party”

We love this graphic design. Medium 17-month planner in “Coming Up Roses”

If this doesn’t make you want to write in a planner, nothing ever will, tbh.