Banana decorator is a job we didn’t know we wanted until now

There’s an adult man who gets paid real money to decorate bananas. And he anticipates he’ll make over $100,000 this year doing it. You might be thinking that $100,000 seems like overabundance of dollars to make for decorating bananas, and you’d be right. Questioning your career choice yet?

Davonte Wilson from Texas probably loves his job. Decorating bananas seems like a good way to spend the day. Wilson sells mail-order bananas on his website Bananas Gone Wild, and people buy them. Lots of people.

Each banana sells for $9.99, which isn’t entirely unreasonable, considering you could be the hero in your group of friends by sending decorated bananas to their homes. Customers can create their own banana looks on the website.

Wilson works out of his apartment and decorates up to 75 bananas a day. There are bananas decorated with facial features, glitter, mustaches, wigs, personalized messages, etc. etc..

“The idea to design bananas came to [Wilson] during a training class to become an EKG technician,” Eater points out. We’re not entirely sure how the two correlate, but we’re the idea happened. Because now we have Bananas Gone Wild!

Just a heads up, the bananas are a novelty and not meant for actual consumption. You know, just in case you get hungry and want to eat a mushy banana.

Here are a few of our favorites:

This fella who needs a shave…


These bros getting amped for the gym…


A certain Presidential candidate…


A glittery lady banana…


A personalized “Happy Birthday” banana…


And our absolute favorite—afro banana guy…