Banana buns are trending in Paris, and yes, we’d like to partake

If you’re into that messy, casual, bedhead look, you’re going to love the latest hair trend out of France. It’s called the “banana bun” and it’s currently trending on Parisian Pinterest boards. We immediately thought of those banana clips from the ’90s that no one really knew how to use properly. But these new banana buns only require bobby pins — thank god, because we truly had no idea what we were doing with those freaking clips!

Byrdie describes the banana bun as an “uber chic low slung hairstyle.” It gets its name from the elongated shape the hair takes when rolled onto itself and pinned up.

It’s similar to its preppy counterpart, the French twist. But rather than creating the perfect funnel shape by removing the lumps and bumps, the banana bun lets gravity do its thing.

To get the look, Lara Levin from Pinterest informed HelloGiggles that all one needs to do is, “roll up your hair, pop in some bobby pins, and you’re set with this chic, stylish and effortless look.”

We love when things are easy.

If you’ve had bad luck in the past with using bobby pins on their own, you can throw your hair into a low ponytail and pin the loose ends into the cylindrical shape around the elastic.

You can also pull your hair into a regular bun, and maneuver the shape with hairspray or texturizing mist.

Because this is such a new trend, there are many different variations of it cycling around Pinterest. We recommend you do some research, test out styles on your hair, and see which version of the banana bun works best for you!

Worse comes to worse, dig out that banana clip and work your mysterious magic!

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