A ban on Olympic gifs leads to hilarious Twitter hashtag results

If there’s one thing we social-media-dwelling individuals do well, it’s find ways to bend the rules. And that includes the rules of the World Wide Web.

Since the Olympics kicked off Friday night in Rio, we’ve already seen a bevy of moments that are GIF and Vine worthy but, to our great sadness, these aren’t allowed because of some rights thing with NBC and blah blah blah. In other words, take away all our fun, world.

Not so fast, though. In true internet-community fashion, we folks who watch sports literally once every four years because of this event had to do SOMETHING. So of course, a hashtag has been created that is simply perfect for Twitter: #OlympicProblemsIn5Words.

From the shallow (yet something we’re all thinking, lbr)… false

To the questions about why certain events haven’t been incorporated yet…

To the straight-up hilarious. false

Equal parts viral and revolutionary, the hashtag has given those of us who like to make fun of things more than we like to sit back and enjoy them a place to vent our questions and thoughts, — even the hard-to-handle ones that make us say, “Sad but true.”

And the actual important questions.

Seriously though, if puppies get the Puppy Bowl during the Super Bowl, why it’s there a Cat Olympic? Water sports would have to be out, but we could replace it with the Catnip Jump. Whatever that is.

In summary, you can wrestle our moving images from us, International Olympic Committee, but You’ll Never. Take. OUR HASHTAGS!


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