’s fitness collection is so cute that you’ll actually want to hit the gym to show off your gear

As much as our bodies love the rushed endorphins and increased blood flow of working out, the process of getting our booties to a gym, or even on a yoga mat, can feel like an uphill hike (wordplay intended). However,’s new fitness collection is so cute we might want to stock up and flex our new gear in an *actual* workout situation.

In keeping with all of’s killer collections, the new fitness line marries the carefree aesthetic with the utility of a gym bag (yes, there are actual gym bags in the collection).

A press release sent to HelloGiggles revealed the refreshing range of shopping options in the new collection.

"All new fitness gear is here! From exercise bags that double as a cool carry-on to cute tees that look so cute with yoga pants or under a denim jacket, these pieces will keep you looking and feeling so good."

From comfy workout tops to full-sized yoga mats, you’ll find something for all of your sweaty needs. We gathered a few of our favorites for you to peruse. Trust us, you’ll be adding to cart in no time, because everything is so adorable and cheeky.

1Work It Out Water Bottle – Looking Good Feeling Good, $20

2Work It Out Gym Bag – Boogie Daze, $35

3Work It Out Water Bottle – Play Nice, Shapes, $20

4Enamel Pin – I Like Sports, $10

5Listen Up Earbuds — Cash Money, $20

6Holographic Sports Bra, $68

7Rainbow Gym Shorts, $50

8Play Nice Tee, $38

9Work It Out Exercise Mat – Think It Want It Get It, $20

10Boogie Daze Bomber Jacket, $99

11Looking Good Feeling Good Mat, $32


As you can see, this set is cute enough to make us want to work out.

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